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Piston Ring & Piston & Piston Pin for Peugeot 405

Basic Info

Model No.:  PEUGEOT 405

Product Description

Model NO.: PEUGEOT 405 Certification: CE, SGS, RoHS, ISO Material: Metal Ignition Voltage: 16kv Certification 1: Ts16949, ISO9001: 2000 Burner Height: 3m Size: 65mm, 650*550*580mm, 385*325*37 Material 1: Alloy, Stainless, Steel, Aluminum, Copper Transport Package: Netural Package Origin: Anhui Cylinder Number: 2 Color: Silver, Black Type: Distributorless Ignition System Burner (Torch) Path: Dn150mm Component: Distributor Type Name: Piston Ring Car Make: Fuel Car, Gasling Car, Diesel Truck Trademark: XYTOSAN Specification: TS16949 HS Code: 8483109000 PISTON RING & PISTON & PISTON PIN FOR PEUGEOT 405 
PEUGEOT-405 A08780-002-A0 A08780-112-A0   TOP 83 1.5 3.5 F14    
PEUGEOT XM7-84 SA08765002A00R1N A08654-112-A0 R-KRP1041-00 TOP 84 1.5 3.1 STD Chromium plating Rectangular Columniation-faced
(PEUGEOT)XD4-88 A08647-002-A0 A08647-112-A0 R-KRP1000-00 TOP 88 2 3.85 STD Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
PEUGEOT XN2-88 SA08764002A00R1N A08660-112-A0 R-KRP21110-00 TOP 88 1.5 3.5 STD chrome plating Rectangular barrel-faced

2)MATERIAL:Alloy Aluminum,stainless,steel ,Aluminum,copper
3) Longlife  time compressor piston ring /OEM manufacture piston type ring set /piston ring auto  compressor lot stock 
4)Surface treatment: ceramic,moly,chrome,phosphating etc..
1) Top Ring: Rectangular taper-faced 

2) Second Ring: Rectangular taper-faced outside bevell

3) Oil Ring: Helix line oil ring

M.BENZ   08-743100-00   TOP 89 2.50 3.60 KV1 Chrome(special lapping)/phosphating  
(MERCEDES BENZ)M102 A08643-002-A0 A08643-112-A0 R-KP1259-00 TOP 89.00  1.75  3.70  KV1 Chromium plating Rectangular barrel-faced  inside chamfer 
(BENZ) A09619-002-A0 A09619-112-A0   TOP 97.00  2.50  3.70  FCD  molybdenum plating/Phosphating Barrel-faced echelon
(MERCEDES BENZ) A09654-002-A0 A09654-112-A0 R-IQXRP1259-00 TOP 97.00  2.50  3.70  KV1  molybdenum plating Barrel-faced echelon 
MERCEDES BENZ OM314 352-97 SA09714002A00R1N A09628-112-A0 R-KXRP1256-00 TOP 97 3 3.65 KV1 chrome plating barrel face,echelon
(BENZ)OM904/906 A10740-002-A0   RR59752A-00 TOP 102 3.00  3.90  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating echelon barrel face
(MERCEDES BENZ)       OM360 A11608-002-A0 A11608-112-A0 R-KXRP1070-00 TOP 115.00  3.50  4.20  KV1 Chromium plating Double echelon 
A11608-212-A0 R-IQPB1071-00 2ND 3.00  4.80  STD Phosphating Rectangular taper-faced top inside chamfer 
A11608-502-A0 R-KSDOH1072-00 OIL 5.50  3.10  STD Chromium plating Different direction chamfer  helix oil ring 
(MERCEDES BENZ)-125 A12606-002-A0 A12608-112-A0 R-QXRP1000-00 TOP 125.00  3 4.8 KV4  molybdenum plating Barrel-faced echelon
MERCEDES BENZ-125 SA12648002A00R1N A12608-112-A0 R-QXRP1000-00 TOP 125.00  3 4.8 KV4  molybdenum plating Barrel-faced echelon
(MERCEDES BENZ)OM355 A12609-002-A0 A12609-112-A0 R-QXRP1253-00 TOP 128.00  3.50  4.85  KV1 Chromium plating Barrel-faced echelon 
A12609-212-A0 R-KTP1254-00 2ND 3.50  5.20  STD Chromium plating Taper-faced
A12609-312-A0 R-KN1254-00 3RD 3.50  5.30  STD Phosphating Napier taper-faced
A12609-502-A0 R-KSDOH1255-00 OIL 6.50  3.70  STD Chromium plating Different direction chamfer  helix oil ring 
(MERCEDES BENZ)    422/3/4/447/9-128 A12610-002-A0 A12610-112-A0 R-QXRP1262-00 TOP 128 3.0  4.6 KV4  molybdenum plating barrel face,echelon
(MERCEDES BENZ)A.D.E442/443/444-130 A13607-002-A0 A13607-112-A0 R-IQMP1000-00 TOP 130 3 4.7 KV1 Chromium plating Rectangular barrel-faced double face inside bevell
(ISUZU)4EC1  A07498-002-A0 A07498-112-A0 AR43910R TOP 76.00  2.00  3.20  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU)4ZA1 A08431-002-A0 A08431-112-A0 R-KTP58639-00 TOP 82.00  1.50  3.60  STD Chromium plating Rectangular barrel-faced top inside bevell
ISUZU 4ZD1-82 A08565-002-A0C A08443-112-A0C R-KRP58641-00   82.00  1.5 3.35 ST nitriding rectagular barrel face
ISUZU 4ZE1-82 A09518-002-A0 A09431-112-A0 R-KRP153692-00   82.00  1.5 3.5 ST Chrome plating rectagular barrel face
(ISUZU)C201-PT A08504-002-A0 A08504-112-A0 R28684(5-12181-005-0) TOP 83.00  2.00  3.40  KV4 Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU)C190 A08420-002-A0 A08420-112-A0 R-MRP27720-00 TOP 86.00  2.00  3.43  FCD Phosphating Barrel-faced 
(ISUZU) A08474-002-A0 A08474-112-A0 AR40320R TOP 86.00  2.00  3.55  GOE13 Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU)C240/C190-86 A08433-002-A0 A08433-112-A0 R-TP58638-00 TOP 86 2.5 3.7 STD Phosphating Columniation-faced inside chamfer distort
(ISUZU)4ZC1 A08434-002-A0 A08434-112-A0 R-KRP1248-00 TOP 88.00  1.50  3.35  ST Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU) A08467-002-A0 A08467-112-A0 AR43940R TOP 88.00  2.00  3.55  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU) A08475-002-A0 A08475-112-A0 AR48390R TOP 88.00  2.50  3.55  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Wedge Barrel-faced
(ISUZU)C223 A08505-002-A0 A08505-112-A0 R42510(5-12121-017-0) TOP 88.00  2.45  3.80  KV4 Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU)C223-T A08506-002-A0 A08506-112-A0 R43990(8-94158-084-0) TOP 88 2.45  3.80  KV4 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangular barrel-faced
(ISUZU)4ZD1 A08443-002-A0 A08443-112-A0 R-KRP58641-00 TOP 89.30  1.50  3.35  ST Nitriding Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU)4ZE1 A09431-002-A0 A09431-112-A0 R-KRP153692-00 TOP 92.60  1.50  3.50  ST Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU)4JB1-T A09426-002-A0 A09426-112-A0 R-RP1268-00 TOP 93.00  2.00  4.00  STD Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU) A09442-002-A0 A09442-112-A0 AR43680R TOP 93.00  2.00  4.00  iron including boron Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU)4BA1 A09423-002-A0 A09423-112-A0 R-TP1134-00 TOP 98.00  3.00  3.90  STD Phosphating Taper-faced
(ISUZU)6BB1/6BD1/6BD1-T A10427-002-A0 A10427-112-A0 R42550(5-12121-005-0) TOP 102.00  3.00  4.25  KV4 Phosphating Rectangular taper-faced 
A10427-212-A0 5-12181-023-2 2ND 2.50  4.45  STD Phosphating Rectangular taper-faced outside bevell
A10427-502-A0   OIL 5.00  4.9/3.3 STD Phosphating Helix line oil ring
(ISUZU) A10414-002-A0 A10414-112-A0 AR48650R TOP 105.00  3.00  4.40  FC Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(ISUZU)6BG1/6BG1-T A10428-002-A0 A10428-112-A0 R44010(1-12121-065-0) TOP 105.00  3.00  4.40  KV4 Phosphating Rectangular taper-faced 
A10428-212-A0   2ND 2.50  4.75  STD Phosphating Rectangular taper-faced outside bevell
A10428-502-A0   OIL 4.00  4.5/3.1 STD Phosphating Helix line oil ring
(ISUZU)4HF1 A11650-002-A0   RR46717   112          
(NISSAN) A12 A07446-002-B0 A07446-112-B0 R-KRP26704-00 TOP 73.00  2.00  2.90  KV1 Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN) A12-73                (RENAULT)810-73           A07616-112-A0 R-KRP24713-00 TOP 73 1.75 3.2 STD Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN) GA14DS A07473-002-A0 A07473-112-A0 R-KRP1293-00 TOP 73.60  1.50  2.75  ST Nitriding Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN)E13 A07461-002-A0 A07461-112-A0 R-KRP1184-00 TOP 76.00  1.50  3.10  KV1 Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN) GA16DS A07474-002-A0 A07474-112-A0 R-KRP1294-00 TOP 76.00  1.50  2.75  ST Nitriding Rectangle barrel-faced
NISSAN A14-76 SA07552002A00R1N A07460-112-A0 R-KRP1152-00 TOP 76 2 3.15 STD Chromium plating Barrel-faced 
NISSAN-78   SA07543002A00R1N A07451-112-A0 R-KRP21464-00 TOP 78 2 3.6 STD Chromium plating Rectangular Barrel-faced 
(NISSAN) A08482-002-A0 A08482-112-A0 AR42700R TOP 80.00  1.75  3.30  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangular barrel-faced inside chamfer 
(NISSAN)L14 A08415-002-A0 A08415-112-A0 R-KRP26727-00 TOP 83.00  2.00  3.70  FC Chromium plating Barrel-faced 
(NISSAN) A08479-002-A0 A08479-112-A0 AR41920R TOP 83.00  1.50  2.90  P617(SC-1) Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN)SD20  A08486-002-A0 A08486-112-A0 AR39150R TOP 83.00  2.55  3.55  KV4 Chromium plating/Phosphating Wedge Barrel-faced
(NISSAN) A08480-002-A0 A08480-112-A0 AR41940R TOP 84.50  1.50  3.10  P617(SC-1) Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
NISSAN -84.5 SA08544002A00R1N A08423-112-A0 R-KRP1286-00 TOP 84.5 1.5 3.3 ST Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN)L18 A08416-002-A0 A08416-112-A0 R-KRP1155-00 TOP 85.00  2.00  3.87  FC Chromium plating Barrel-faced 
(NISSAN) A08473-002-A0 A08473-112-A0 AR45720R TOP 85.00  2.00  3.55  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangular barrel-faced top inside bevell
(NISSAN) A08483-002-A0 A08483-112-A0 AR42720R TOP 85.00  2.00  3.55  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangular barrel-faced inside chamfer 
(NISSAN) L28 A08435-002-A0 A08435-112-A0 R-KRP1158-00 TOP 86.00  2.00  3.90  STD Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN) VG30E A08449-002-A0 A08449-112-A0   TOP 87.00  1.50  3.48  ST Nitriding Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN) H20 A08427-002-A0 A08427-112-A0 R-KRP21624-00 TOP 87.20  2.00  4.00  STD Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN)Z24 A08464-002-A0 A08464-112-A0   TOP 89.00  2.00  2.95  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN) A08476-002-A0 A08476-112-A0 AR42730R TOP 89.00  2.50  3.70  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN)TD25 A09425-002-A0 A09425-112-A0 R-KRP1290-00 TOP 92.90  2.50  4.00  KV1 Chromium plating Barrel-faced 
(NISSAN) A09447-002-A0 A09447-112-A0 AR43820R TOP 92.90  2.50  4.00  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN)TD27i A09439-002-A0 A09439-112-A0 R-KRP254096-00 TOP 96.00  2.50  4.00  KV1 Chromium plating Rectangle barrel-faced
(NISSAN)NE6 A11406-002-A0 A11406-112-A0 R-KRP3040110-00 TOP 110.00  3.10  4.00  FCD Chromium plating/Phosphating Wedge Barrel-faced
(NISSAN)ND6-110 A11404-002-A0 A11404-112-A0 R-KRP1014-00 TOP 110.00  4.00  4.60  STD Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangular barrel-faced
(NISSAN) PD6 A12401-002-A0 A12401-112-A0 R-KXRP1149-00 TOP 125.00  4.10  5.20  ST Chromium plating Double echelon barrel-faced
A12401-212-A0 R-KTPC1150-00 2ND 3.50  5.20  STD Chromium plating Rectangular taper-faced top inside  chip bevell
A12401-502-A0 R-KSDOH1151-00 OIL 5.00  5.00  STD Chromium plating Helix line oil ring
(NISSAN) A12402-002-A0 A12402-112-A0 AR32330/2K TOP 125.00  5.00  5.25  KV1 Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangle barrel-faced
A12402-212-A0   2ND 3.50  5.20  FC Chromium plating/Phosphating Rectangular taper-faced top  inside bevell
A12402-502-A0   OIL 5.00  3.50  FC Chromium plating/Phosphating Different direction chamfer  helix oil ring 

23mm to 400mm Dia covering all indeginous and foreign engines. Any type of rings can be manufactured against samples or drawings.

Piston Rings are made from high quality Grey C.I. Castings (Individual Casting) with an ideal combination of free and combined carbon to provide prolonged working life. The casting used has a very fine grain to provide high tension even at elevated temperatures of high-speed engines.
Types Of Rings
Cast Iron Rings : These rings are made from graded Prelatic Cast Iron alloy. Machined to close tolerances as recommended by O.E. (Original Equipment)
Steel Ring Chrome Plated : These rings are made of high Tensile special steel machined to proper sizes with Chrome plating from 100 to 200 microns as required by the buyers. This is used in Heavy Duty Diesel Engines.
SG Iron Casted Rings : These rings are made of SG Iron castings and recommended for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines, specially 3 ring design Piston.
Piston rings form the seal between the pressurized side of the piston and the non-pressurized side. Their correct fitment is paramount to prevent blow-by and provide adequate lubrication to the piston. We make available high quality Piston Rings in the market. Piston Ring Sets usually include three kinds of rings - Compression Rings, Scraper Rings and Oil Rings. They have various profiles and coatings (Ceramic, Moly,
Chrome, Phosphating etc.) depending on the application they are installed in. We provide high quality Piston Rings using high grade material to ensure that they stand the test of time. Further, we ensure that the Piston Rings are quality tested on various parameters to assure high reliability.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:
In our Brand Box & Then Final Packing is Cartoon or Chemically approved wooden Boxes. Export Packing
Delivery Detail: 10 Working Days set  in a paper carton 
2 .paper carton 
3.bubble ,foam 
NOT only we can supplier PISTON, PISTON RING,PISTON PIN.


1.XINYI are the professional manufacturer(factory) that produce all kinds of engine valves,we have motorcycle valves, diesel engine valves ,auto engine valves and so on. we are a manufacturer, we can give you the best price and best material.We have exported many years and many countries.
We have passed ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.
2. our engine valve kind is complete ,the quality is frist-class, the price is reasonable. We have advanced management and excellent equipment.We have two kinds of material,the good and normal, good  material: INLET VALVE IS SUH3(4Cr9Si2) ; EXHAUST VALVE IS SUH35(21-4N), normal material:  INLET VALVE IS SUH1(40Cr) ; EXHAUST VALVE IS SUH3(4Cr9Si2).
4. We have all kinds of valve techniques, entire material valves, double mttal friction welding , small soldering terminal pin, small soldering alloy, shaft chromium-plating , surfacing nitration treatment.Of course , we can produce engine valves according to your samples .

If you don't find out the parts you want here, please just send us an inquiry. We can produce valves according to your sample & draft. 
*Contact detail:
If any interested or question,please feel free to contact with us!We will try our best to serve you well with competitive prices and reliable quality!
CELLPHONE: 86-13362881875
Tel: +86-556-5675008/5171008/5171001

Contact us if you need more details on Piston Ring. We are ready to answer your questions on packaging, logistics, certification or any other aspects about Car Accessories、Spare Parts. If these products fail to match your need, please contact us and we would like to provide relevant information.

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